A person and their Husky dog sit on grass and look out onto a body of water and a mountain in the distance.

3 Travel Tips for Pet-Friendly Vacations

The sky’s the limit when it comes to travel, especially when you can bring your canine companion along. Whether you travel with your dog in a car, plane, or train, there are many pet-friendly travel destinations to consider. Here’s everything you need to know to make the trip as smooth and safe as possible. 

Pet-Friendly Travel Options 

Depending on your destination, there are many ways to travel with your dog. Pet-friendly travel options include hotels, airlines, and other modes of transportation that accommodate dogs. Additionally, ways to plan for your trip ahead of time are by checking specific guidelines and policies. That way, you and your dog can have a safe journey, free of any hassles. 

Pet-Friendly Travel Ideas 

There are many considerations to keep in mind when traveling with your dog. For instance, planning in advance and doing thorough research will ensure a successful trip. Here are other tips to remember when going on a vacation. 

Take your Dog to Their Veterinarian

There’s no harm in taking your dog for regular check-ups with the vet. In fact, before going on an extended trip, pet parents should consider scheduling a visit to the vet. 

That way, you can ensure that your dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date and that they are in overall good health. Moreover, you can ask any travel-related questions from the comfort of your home! 

Bring a Supply of their Regular Dog Food 

An essential tip for planning a vacation with your dog is to pack their regular dog food. To keep them as healthy as possible, even on a trip, ensure they receive high-quality meals. 

Luckily, Get Joy offers nutritious dog food curated by experts and vet nutritionists, made with fresh and local ingredients. 

Pet-Friendly Travel Hotels  

Embarking on an adventure with your dog means finding hotel stays that offer dog amenities, such as pet-designated areas, pet-friendly walking areas, and even pet-friendly rooms. 

Luckily, various hotel chains welcome dogs and have pet-friendly policies. According to BringFido customer ratings, here are three of the best dog-friendly hotel chains in the U.S. 

1. Staypineapple

With 10 hotel locations across the US, this hotel welcomes dogs of all sizes for an additional fee of $25 per night. The hotel chain claims that they are not only dog-friendly but dog-obsessed. 

Their pet-friendly amenities include dog treats, beds, bowls, leashes, and pet-relief areas, and have earned them the accolade “number 1 dog-friendly hotel chain of 2023.”

2. Crowne Plaza Hotels

Dogs of any size are welcome at this upscale, multinational hotel chain. There are over 350 pet-friendly locations that you can choose from. Dog guests receive perks such as bowls, treats, and access to pet-relief areas. 

3. Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton Hotels is the third pet-friendly hotel chain in 55 cities worldwide. In fact, they became the first pet-friendly hotel company in 1992. Pet guests are welcomed with perks like plush loaner pet beds, food, water bowls, and mats. Moreover, there is no additional fee to bring your pet to a Kimpton Hotel! 

Pet Wellness and Support with Get Joy 

Traveling with your dog can be made easy with Get Joy’s commitment to dog wellness. With our fresh food, freeze-dried treats, virtual vet services, and other resources, your dog will surely have a blast on your next vacation! 

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