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5 Reasons to Boost Your Pup's Health With Fresh Dog Food

As a responsible dog parent, you want to ensure that your pup leads a happy and healthy life. One of the ways that you can do this is by choosing fresh dog food. In this guide, learn everything you need to know about healthy dog food to make better choices for your furry best friend!

Benefits of Fresh Dog Food 

There are plenty of benefits that your pup will receive by eating fresh dog food. Here are a few benefits to consider.  

More Nutrients In Fresh Food

Fresh food has more nutritional value, containing essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Fresh food that contains adequate nutrients helps dogs maintain a healthy weight, supports strong bones and joints, and maintains healthy skin and fur. 

Fewer Preservatives Compared to Canned Food

Commercial dog food often contains preservatives and additives, leading to various dog illnesses. By opting for fresh food, you could potentially eliminate this risk factor of illness altogether. 

Healthier Digestion

Fresh food supports healthy digestion. This is because the moisture content, nutrient content, and fiber in fresh food make it easy for your dog to digest. Healthy ingredients mean easily digestible food for your furry best friend. 

Maintain a Healthy Weight

High-quality, fresh dog food will help your dog maintain a healthy weight. This is because the ingredients help your dog absorb the necessary nutrients and, therefore, feel fuller. 

Build Strong Immunity

Other health benefits that are derived from fresh dog food are stronger immune systems for dogs. A well-balanced diet with fresh ingredients will boost your dog’s immune system to fight off infections and other illnesses. Remember that around 80% of good bacteria is in their gut, so fresh food is vital for overall good health. 

What Is Freeze Dried Dog Food Made From? 

Freeze dried meals can also boost your dog’s overall health. Like fresh meals, quality freeze-dried meals are made with ingredients that should be easy to read. 

Packed with pre, pro, and postbiotics, these meals are designed for easy digestibility and will surely keep your dog’s immune system healthy. Our favorite freeze-dried meals are: 

  • Fresh Chicken Freeze Dried: This chicken recipe is high in protein and fat and has fiber to aid your dog’s digestion. This meal is healthy, tasty, and convenient for your dog.
  • Fresh Beef Freeze Dried: Choose beef freeze dried nutrition for a full and tasty meal. The beef freeze-dried meal is primarily made with beef, beef liver, and quinoa. If you want to use the beef freeze-dried meal mixed in with their other foods, you can simply reduce the amount of their current food.

Finding the Best Fresh Dog Food 

Finding reliable dog food brands, like Get Joy, can be tricky. Compared to other brands, Get Joy ranks #1 in digestibility and gut health. 

There are various considerations to keep in mind when choosing fresh dog food. Information that you may want to know about before purchasing dog food is whether a vet nutritionist formulates it. Moreover, conducting research, reading online reviews, and asking for recommendations can help you in your search. 

Healthy Meals from Get Joy 

At Get Joy, we get how important your dog’s health is to your life. That’s why we’ve created a nutritious meal program that can be tailored to your dog’s needs. No matter what size or breed your dog is, you can build a meal plan with customized nutrition recommendations.  

Ready to get started? You can confidently contact our licensed vet experts for more information today!

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