A woman smiles next to her dog, who sits and eats next to a green bag of Get Joy's fresh freeze dried dog food.

Building the Foundation: How to Create a Strong Bond with Your Puppy

If you’re bringing home a new puppy, you may be curious how best to bond with them. After all, companionship is one of the most common reasons people bring a dog into their lives. Ultimately, there is something incredibly special about the bond between a dog and a human, but it can also take some work to build that bond. 

In fact, it requires much time and trust to be established, but it will pay off with one of the most rewarding connections. So, here’s a closer look at how to build a strong and long-lasting bond with your new puppy.

Bonding with Puppies 101

Let’s take a look at some great methods, tips, and activities for bonding with puppies. 


One of the most effective ways to improve bonding with puppies is to stay consistent. This means in your communication, standards, and expectations. It is vital to give your dog consistent communication and feedback so that they know how to respond. 

One example of this is in commands. If you want to use “sit” to get them to sit down, then consistently use that word. Don’t switch it to “sit down” or some other variation. They will learn how to respond to these commands and expectations, and switching it up can be stressful. 

Consider Your Puppy’s Preferences

Every dog is different, and so are their preferences. Your puppy may not be a big fan of fetch, but he may love to go on walks or vice versa. As you interact, you will discover the things that really excite your dog. 

Lean into these and let your dog engage in the things they love. Don’t consistently force them into activities that they may not be as excited about or interested in. It is important to look at your puppy as the unique individual that they are. 

Give Your Puppy Love and Care

There is nothing wrong with showing your puppy some love regularly. Cuddle with them, give them some lap time (if they aren’t too big yet), and show them you want them in your space. 

Of course, every dog may not be a fan of cuddling as much as their human, so be sure to respect their boundaries as well. If they are ready to get down or do something else, then let them. 

Puppy Training

Puppy training can be a great way to interact and bond with your dog. Dogs love to learn new things, and positive reinforcement through treats and praise can develop that connection. To excite them, teach them their basic commands, new tricks, or even advanced things.

Facts About Puppies: Understanding Body Language

A great thing you can do as a new dog owner is to understand their body language.  One of the most important facts about puppies and dogs is that they are very emotive and often communicate with their entire bodies. For instance, dogs may wag their tails when they are happy or as a sign of nervousness, so it is important to know the difference. 

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