A man lies, grinning, in the snow, with his smiling Husky right over his head. Image demonstrates how happy everyone is with these dog treat recipes for winter.

Dog Treat Recipes for Winter: How to Keep Them Warm

The season of soups and hot drinks is in full swing. It’s only fair to make sure your dog doesn’t get left out of the fun! Dogs appreciate warm treats to fill their bellies just as much as you do. Here are a few warm dog treat recipes to chase away the winter’s chill for your pup. 

The Best Ingredients for Dog Treats

When making treats for your dogs, it is important to do so with whole, fresh foods. Foods that are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals will help your dog maintain a healthy weight. Pick foods with good fiber content like apples and pumpkin, and always be sure what you are feeding them is dog-safe. 

If you feel unsure about making a change in your dog’s diet, you can always speak to Get Joy Health  beforehand. Make dog treats with only the best, healthiest, and freshest ingredients for your pup! 

Warm Homemade Dog Treats

The holidays may be over, but the time for comfort food is not. Warm up your dog’s belly with this array of tasty homemade dog treats. 

Sweet Potato Pie

This holiday favorite is the perfect way to perk up your pup during the January winter slump. It is quick, easy to make, and full of fresh ingredients for your dog. 

Steamed Smashed Carrots

Simple and warm, these carrots are easy to cook on the stove. Serve them warm to your dog. Let them sit a moment after they are done cooking so your dog doesn’t burn his tongue!

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Get Joy offers fresh, nutritious foods for pups of all sizes. Supplement their meals with these tasty treat recipes. Let your dog feel like you are spoiling them as you keep them healthy and thriving with only the best ingredients.