A dog eats out of a large green dog bowl while a black bag of Get Joy's dog treats sit next to him. He is outside in the woods and his dog bowl is propped on a tree branch.

Enjoy May with These Dog Friendly Adventures

We made it through another winter! Now that the sunshine and green grass have returned, it’s time to venture out with our canine companions for a fun-filled spring and summer.

Dog Friendly Adventures

Wherever you are, there is sure to be plenty to do outside. Maybe you want to take a day trip with your dog to a local lake, go for a hike, or go out on the town. The most important way to start any adventure is to ensure that wherever you’re planning to go it’s dog-friendly.

If you’re unsure where to begin, Bring Fido is an amazing resource for any type of adventure you can imagine. You can search on their website for dog friendly restaurants, beaches, hikes, or events happening in your area.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the funl options to consider.

Overnight Stays

If you’re planning a trip with an overnight stay, check out hotels and Airbnb’s for dog-friendly stays worldwide. In fact, finding great accommodations for you and your pup has never been easier!

For those with a more rustic spirit, consider an overnight camping trip. KOA provides a great network of campgrounds in thousands of locations. If you are visiting a private or public campground, it is always best practice to check their website for pet policies ahead of time. 

Dream Big

Maybe it’s time to knock one of those once-in-a-lifetime trips off your bucket list and make core memories with your companion. For inspiration, check out Get Joy’s recommendations for dog-friendly travel destinations

As traveling with our dogs has become mainstream, more and more places are finding ways to include pets in their adventures. National Geographic even has a list of amazing adventures to take with your dog and the photos are as breathtaking as you would have hoped they would be!

Get Out There

Whatever adventure you choose this May, be it brunching at a dog-friendly restaurant, having a beach day or just going for a hike, your canine will be glad to be by your side. Don’t forget that Get Joy has you covered anywhere, anytime with virtual vet services and is ready to get you all set for your next adventure with treats and meal plans

So leash up, grab some treats, and get out there and make some unforgettable memories with your best friend.

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