A woman stands and holds a drink while two dogs stand by her feet outside.

How to Create a Harmonious, Multi-Pet Household

As humans, we need joy and happiness. Without it, life would be boring and unpleasant. One of the best ways to improve your mood and happiness is with a pet. They bring endless amounts of joy into our lives. Though having multiple pets can be fulfilling, it can be quite difficult to handle. 

In particular, it’s vital to shift your focus to creating a suitable environment for each pet. So, here’s everything you need to know about maintaining a harmonious multi-pet household.

What You Should Know About Being a Multi-Pet Owner

Being a multi-pet owner requires additional time, space, and money. If you want to have multiple pets, you need to be prepared for various lifestyle changes. 

Keep Items Separate 

First, your pet budget will increase. In addition to buying additional food, you may need to purchase separate dog beds and toys. Unfortunately, your pets may not be initially comfortable with each other. Therefore, you may need to purchase individual items for each dog. 

Easing Aggression Through Gradual Training

Luckily, there are ways to ease tension and aggression between pets. You must be patient and willing to spend significant time with them. At first, give each pet their own playtime. A big mistake pet owners make is focusing on one dog more than the other. Thus, inciting jealousy and creating behavioral issues. 

Instead, give each pet equal attention. Gradually, once each dog becomes comfortable with the other, you can increase their interactions. This is, of course, doable over time through behavioral training.

Stay Patient

Moreover, you must remain calm and patient with them. If you show anger towards your pet, they may become disheartened and show anxiety symptoms. Alternatively, you should provide positive reinforcement. For example, if they behave well with each other, give them treats and pets. 

Have Space

Lastly, you need to have sufficient house space. Unfortunately, certain homes are too small for multiple pets. Before deciding, consult a veterinarian about breed-specific space requirements.

Things All Multi-Pet Households Should Do

Every multi-pet household is unique, as there are different spacing layouts and pet temperaments. However, there are things that all multi-pet households can do to improve daily life. 

Designated Spaces

First, your home must have designated spaces for pets to move around in. Depending on the animals, these may need to be in different spots of the house. Once they are familiar with each other, they can start to play together. It is important to note that a bit of roughhousing is normal for dogs.

Feeding Locations

Furthermore, you may need to have different feeding locations. If you place both your pet’s food in the same place, one may steal from the other. This may lead to aggressiveness and fighting. In addition, it can be unhealthy for the pet who is overeating. Therefore, it may be best to feed your pets at different times and places. 

Have a Routine

Lastly, a harmonious multi-pet household will follow a routine. This helps provide your pets with stability and create confidence over time. Once they become accustomed to it, they may no longer feel fear or agitation. 

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