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Navigate Training Disruptions with Positivity and Persistence

Training a dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It allows you to bond with your dog and helps them develop into an incredible companion. However, training a dog has its challenges. Though it’s easy to wish it were as simple as your dog learning right away, the reality is that it can take time. And that’s okay!

When you face hurdles and disruptions in your dog's training, remember that the keys to success are positivity and persistence. Ultimately, these are crucial elements throughout the training process that will equip you with the tools to achieve the best outcome.

The Importance of Positivity and Persistence in Dog Training

The bottom line is that dogs learn through consistency, which in turn requires persistence on the owner's part. This could mean getting up ten times to potty train your dog, or several general training sessions on the desired behavior.

This is especially true with some particularly stubborn dogs. Of course, positive reinforcement is key, as it builds trust with you and your dog. This can be done with treats and praise when they succeed. So, while there will be tough days, be sure to muster persistence to stay on track.

How to Train a Dog with Persistence

If you are wondering how to train a dog with persistence, here are some tips.

  • Consistency: Consistency is vital to any dog training session. You need to decide on commands you use and use these regularly. Meaning, don’t change them up. Additionally, correct your dog every time they do something undesirable. It can be tempting to leave it be once or twice, but this lets them know they can push the boundaries.
  • Stay Positive: It can be frustrating when your dog doesn’t listen, but try to stay positive about training. Stay calm instead of getting frustrated with your dog, as it may sometimes be less effective. And, of course, don’t forget to reward your dog when appropriate.
  • Outlast Your Dog: Remember to work to outlast your dog when it comes to persistence. Sometimes, they try to test your patience and boundaries, and you must maintain persistence until they realize you won’t give in. For instance, if they try to pull on the leash in a different direction, stay in place until they follow suit.

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