A dog owner plays with a dog outside in the snow, demonstrating a happy rescue dog.

On May 20th, Celebrate National Rescue Dog Day!

There are millions of dogs in shelters right now waiting for a home. Of course, on National Dog Rescue Day, there has never been a better time to support these incredible canines.

Rescue Dogs

Dogs in shelters often end up there through no fault of their own. Yet, there are often misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding these animals. Despite this, rescue dogs make for some of the best pals.

In addition to being mostly mixed breed, which makes them genetically healthier over time, rescue dogs have great personalities! Like any dog, they are eager for a loving home and a loving human. Of course, the workers who care for these dogs daily in shelters perform behavioral evaluations to ensure all dogs are fit for adoption.

Finally, if you are looking for a loyal pet, look no further than a rescue dog. Many of these dogs have been living on the streets or come from living situations that were not a fit. Therefore, they are happy and grateful to be in a loving home once they are adopted.

How Can You Help?


Many of the organizations that work tirelessly to care for rescue dogs rely on volunteer support to operate. Look into your local shelters to see what help they need right now.


If time is a luxury you can’t afford, consider making a donation to your local humane society to help cover the costs of food and vet care for the animals.


One of the biggest challenges shelters face is not having enough space to house the millions of dogs in need. If you think your home might be a good fit for a foster pet, you could help give a rescue dog a safe place to live while they wait for adoption while also making room for another dog in need to receive care.


Considering getting a dog? Adopt don’t shop this National Rescue Dog Day. There are so many eligible rescue dogs in your area ready to be your loving companion!

Get Joy Makes It Easier

Owning a dog has never been simpler with Gey Joy’s online vet services, and healthy, all-natural food and treats available for delivery right to your doorstep. And, don’t forget to check out Get Joy’s blog for lots of fun and informational articles to help you give your new rescue dog the best life possible. Happy National Rescue Dog Day!

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