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Outdoor Spring Activities and How the Joint+ Supplement Supports Mobility

With sunny days quickly approaching, lovely weather is starting to show itself. This is the perfect time to embark on exciting outdoor adventures with your dog. Maintaining your dog's active lifestyle doesn’t just entail routine—it's a key to their overall health.

However, joint and mobility issues might pose a challenge as they age. Don’t worry, though; you can ensure your dog’s mobility with a supportive joint supplement like Get Joy’s Joint+. Here’s what you need to know about how Joint+ can ensure your dog continues to enjoy outdoor spring activities.

Dog Joint Supplements Help Recovery From Playtime

Outdoor spring activities often involve plenty of running, jumping, and playing. However, these activities can be hard on your dog’s joints. Joint+ can help ensure your dog has all the vitamins and nutrients needed to maintain their joints and recover from strenuous activities.

Joint+ offers a wide array of high-quality ingredients designed to support your dog’s joints directly. This includes the primary ingredient, Glucosamine HCI, which is a cornerstone in the production and repair of cartilage. Cartilage functions as the padding and cushioning within the joints.

So, by maintaining the cartilage in your dog’s joints, they are more able to remain flexible and mobile. Joint+ also includes chondroitin sulfate, which works hand in hand with Glucosamine to preserve cartilage.

How Joint Supplements for Dogs Can Help with Arthritis

Unfortunately, many dogs can develop arthritis in their later years, most commonly due to osteoarthritis. This is a common problem for larger dogs, as their increased size and weight can be stressful on the joints. Fortunately, joint supplements like Joint+ can help to support this.

Arthritis results from inflammation within the joints. While Joint+ doesn't cure arthritis, it can help to support reducing inflammation. Ingredients like green-lipped mussel (Perna) help maintain a normal inflammatory response, while ginger root and egg membrane collagen help diminish inflammation. This means your dog will be able to move around with less pain to keep up with those outdoor activities.

Joint+: The Best Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs

We love our dogs here at Get Joy—and we know you love yours, too. That’s why we worked closely with Ph.D. Animal Nutritionists to create a supplement that will truly help maintain your dog’s mobility and flexibility. 

Help keep your dog moving and feeling young by starting them on Joint+ as soon as they are old enough. In most cases, this is around 1-2 years old, as this is when most dogs stop growing. However, be sure to consult with your vet for the best advice. We look forward to helping your dog thrive!

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