Rescue Dogs and Settling In: The 3-3-3 Rule

Rescue Dogs and Settling In: The 3-3-3 Rule

Adopting a rescue dog is a big decision for everyone involved. It’s a tender, exciting, and uncertain time of newness and adjustment. As you and your new adoptee get to know one another, there are some important factors to keep in mind.

Depending on their background and history, rescue dogs sometimes require extra patience, extra love, and extra time to adapt. These new, unfamiliar surroundings can be a bit unsettling for them at first. 

But, with time, this process of welcoming a new furry friend into your family is sure to be a rewarding one. Let’s explore the famous 3-3-3 rule and how to guide your new pup through the transition.

Adopting Rescue Dogs Near Me: What is the 3-3-3 Rule?

In most cases, rescues follow the “3-3-3 rule” when it comes to settling into their new homes. As your doggo adjusts, first-time adopters can expect something like this,

  • 3 days of feeling nervous, uncertain, anxious, or overwhelmed
  • 3 weeks to settle into their new home
  • 3 months of bonding with their owners and creating a trusting relationship

While this is a generalized scope of how new adoptions go, these guidelines can be helpful. Keep the 3-3-3 rule in mind as you ease your rescue into a new reality.

Rescue Dogs for Adoption: Essential Guidelines

Once you’ve gained a sense of how the adjustment period might go, it’s time to take some actionable steps. For new rescuers, here are a few essential guidelines to keep in mind:

Routines Are Your Friend

Establishing a routine with your adoptee is key to creating a peaceful environment. Create consistency in feeding, walking, and sleeping schedules to make your dog feel safe. This will prove especially vital in those first few weeks.

Transition to a Balanced Diet

Start taking care of your dog’s gut health right away. Offering them nourishing, well-rounded, and whole-food meals will ensure their happiness and well-being for their entire lives. Start on day one and give your dog real, delicious meals for the betterment of their health.

Create Enrichment

Dogs need stimulation to feel safe. Especially if they’re puppies, they’ll need something to chew on when anxious. Offer enriching activities like outdoor time, chews, walks, and moments dedicated to playtime. 

Be Patient & Loving

Most importantly, be patient with your new friend. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel? Scared, unsure, untrusting, or anxious? It’s likely that your rescue has been through a lot. Give them time to adjust, and they will give you back that love tenfold.

Adopt Rescue Dogs and Change a Life

Rescue dogs love big, and their love permeates our entire lives. There’s nothing like the love from a new adoptee, and adopting ethically will prove extremely rewarding, too.

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