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The Importance of Limiting Sugar in Dog Treats

Mainstream dog food brands often include sugar as a core ingredient in their meals and treats. Over time, though, excessive sugar consumption in dogs can lead to a range of health issues. As responsible pet owners, we can opt for more nutritious treats. Let’s dive into the importance of limiting sugar in dog food treats and how sugar can impact their health. 

Why You Should Reduce Sugar in Puppy Treats

What are the dangers of sugar in puppy treats? There are plenty. Here are some key reasons why you should reduce sugar in your canine’s treats.

  1. Preventing Illness. High sugar can lead to an increased risk of illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, auto-immune conditions, and cancer. By choosing high-quality puppy treats with lower sugar, we are promoting better health for our canine companions. 
  2. Promoting Dental Health. High-sugar treats can also create an acidic environment in the mouth. This contributes to tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues for dogs. Opting for treats with limited sugar decreases the risk of long-term dental issues. 
  3. Weight Management. Just like in humans, high sugar can contribute to weight gain and obesity in dogs. Over time, this can lead to chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and joint problems. Low-sugar or sugar-free treats are important to help your dog maintain a healthy weight.  
  4. Maintaining Blood Sugar Levels. Consuming sugary treats can create a spike in your dog’s blood sugar. Fluctuations in blood sugar levels can contribute to many health issues, such as fatigue, hyperactivity, and a risk for diabetes. By choosing treats with minimal sugar, we can help our beloved canines maintain stable blood sugar levels. 
  5. Better Nutrition. You can help your canine live a healthier lifestyle by choosing treats with optimal ingredients. If you find a long list of ingredients that you don’t understand in your dog’s food and treats, chances are that it lacks nutritional value. Instead, opt for more nutritious foods and treats. Get Joy has got you covered with delectable freeze dried treats. 

What Are Freeze Dried Dog Treats?

Freeze dried dog treats are becoming an increasingly popular choice for pet owners. Freeze-drying is a process of preserving the nutritional content of food by freezing the treats and removing moisture. 

These treats are a healthy option for dogs since they do not have any harmful preservatives. Moreover, freeze-dried treats are also beneficial for picky dogs since they have an enhanced flavor and aroma. 

Get Joy has created nutritious freeze dried treats that you and your canine will feel good about. Amazingly, they are single ingredient, high in protein and you can choose from 100% beef liver, beef heart, or beef kidney. Reward your canine with these treats, or simply mix them in their meals as a topper!

Promoting Better Health Through Nutrition

Sometimes it can be hard to say no to pleading eyes. We want to spoil our furry friends. Luckily, it’s possible to spoil them with longevity, health, and wellness. Remember to prioritize your canine’s health through better nutrition and low-sugar treats. Trust us – you won’t regret it.

Get Joy Cares About the Health of Your Canine

Our four-legged companions bring so much joy into our lives. Get Joy values your beloved canine. That’s why we’ve created fresh meal programs and healthy treats with wholesome ingredients. Our focus is on transforming the health and wellness of dogs through nutrition. We have a simple mission, which is to help families through pet health.  

Ready to get started? You can answer your questions here with our team of professional experts. Whether you are searching for information on gut health, exercise, aging, nutrition, wellness, or anything related to dogs, we’ve got you covered!

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