A person wearing a pink coat sits on a park bench and gives her small white dog a treat.

The Unseen Perks of Phone-Free Dog Strolls

How do you spend the precious time each day walking your dog? Are you unplugged, taking in all the sights and sounds, or are you multitasking, answering emails and texts, or browsing the internet? 

If you fall into the second category, don’t sweat it. We’ve all been there — but there are so many benefits to a phone-free dog stroll. Let’s explore them in this post! 

Benefits of Unplugging With Your Dogs

As technology becomes more prevalent in our lives, it’s more important than ever to have time throughout your day to unplug. Why not do so when you’re spending time with your precious doggo?

More Quality Time Together

Whether you work from home or spend the day in the office, your dog waits patiently all day for you to give them the attention they crave. Their daily walk is very special to them — it’s the chance to get outside with you to explore the world. Rather than continuing your work day on the stroll, prioritize your dog and everything they’re experiencing. 

Get an Intentional Workout

Finding time for exercise during the day is a challenge, so why not use your daily dog walk as a chance to get some cardio? If your dog is healthy and up for it, pick up the pace on your walks to get both of your hearts pumping and get a good workout in! 

Practice Mindfulness

Living in the moment can be difficult for humans, but dogs thrive on this way of life! As you stroll with your companion, try to engage with them as much as possible. Ask them what they see or hear, encourage them to pick up the pace, and talk about your surroundings. You’ll be surprised at how much they respond to you as you practice mindfulness.

Dog Walking 101: Safety First

Being mindful of your surroundings on dog walks is critical to both you and your dog’s safety. Avoid wearing headphones so you can hear everything around you, particularly if you’re walking on busy streets or in heavy traffic areas. 

Be aware of other humans, animals, or sounds that may spook your dog. The more in tune you are with their behavior, the better your chances are of avoiding conflict or altercation with another animal.

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