Ways to Detox a Dog Naturally

by Erica D'Arcangelo
A husky dog eats out of the palm of its owners hand, demonstrating natural ways to detox a dog.

Like us, dogs are constantly exposed to toxins in the air, food, and water that may contribute to illness and disease. There are an estimated 85,000 toxic substances in the environment. Therefore, knowing about natural ways to detox your dog is beneficial and will contribute to having better health. Let’s take a closer look. 

How Diet Impacts a Detox Cleanse

The first step to helping your dog detox is to avoid exposure to toxic substances, primarily through their diet. This can include choosing a healthier dog food brand

Feeding your dog a healthy, balanced, and nutrient-rich diet will support their liver and kidney functions, which aid detoxification. Ultimately, the quality of your dog’s food and treats is directly related to their overall well-being and longevity. 

So, here are five other benefits to opting for quality dog food. 

  • A healthy diet includes high-quality proteins, fiber, and antioxidants, which are powerful detoxifying agents. These nutrients help to neutralize and eliminate toxins in your dog’s body. 
  • A well-balanced diet reduces the intake of harmful additives that can be found in many processed foods. Opting for fresh meals is one way to eliminate low-quality ingredients that may otherwise burden a dog’s liver and kidneys. 
  • Fresh food benefits gut health because a healthy gastrointestinal system contributes to efficient nutrient absorption and waste elimination. Moreover, a healthier gut promotes increased longevity, better breath, and a better quality of life. 
  • Healthy food is beneficial in supporting a dog’s immune system. Nutrient-rich food helps strengthen your dog's immune response, which will help the dog become resilient to infection and diseases. 

Other Ways to Support a Natural Detox for Dogs

While a well-balanced diet is one important consideration for detoxing, there are additional factors that help support your dog’s natural detoxification processes. Below are additional suggestions for ways to help your dog achieve optimal health.

  • Eliminate toxic household chemicals from your home. The toxins found in these chemicals can be absorbed in your dog’s fur and coat. These chemicals can cause or exacerbate respiratory conditions in your dog. Since our dogs rely on us, it is crucial to opt for natural household cleaners. Pet-safe cleaning products to consider using are vinegar and baking soda. 
  • Ensure that your dog receives clean drinking water. Hydration is crucial to flushing out toxins from your dog’s body. Consider a water filtration system for clean water. 
  • Remember to exercise every day with your dog. A daily workout will benefit your dog’s organs of elimination and therefore support natural detoxification. Additional benefits of daily workouts include proper digestion, bowel health, and respiratory health. 
  • Consider a dog-friendly detox juice recipe. Start your morning routine right with your furry friend with our favorite detox juice recipe here. All that you’ll need for this simple recipe is carrots, apples, spinach, and ginger. 

Liver Detox for Dogs 

The liver is a crucial organ in detoxifying a dog’s body by eliminating toxins. Knowing how to support your companion’s liver function and promoting overall liver health will aid detox. 

While a quality diet is one factor for supporting liver health, an integrative approach that includes preventative measures, cleaner household products, and daily exercise will help protect your dog. 

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