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Wellness Check: What is Preventative Care for Your Pet?

Throughout their lives, dogs will face numerous health hurdles. As their owners, it is our responsibility to help them as best we can. A great way to take care of your dog is through pet wellness. It’s a form of preventative care that aims to identify and proactively deal with health issues before they appear. 

By doing so, you can improve your pet’s comfort and day-to-day life.

Everything to Know About Pet Wellness Care

Luckily, there is plenty that you, a pet owner, can do to ensure your dog’s long-term health.


First, you should focus on and invest in your pet’s diet. If your dog only eats processed foods, their energy levels may start to decline. On the other hand, a diet centered around fresh meals with whole ingredients can do wonders for their everyday life.


As the term implies, pet wellness is a type of preventative measure. Your goals should be to minimize and counteract health issues before they become serious. A great way to do that is to ensure that they are up-to-date with all their vaccinations. For example, they must receive their rabies and canine influenza vaccine yearly. In addition, dogs need to receive their DA2PP (Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2 Hepatitis) vaccination.

Spay or Neuter

Furthermore, your dog may require spay or neutering. Most pet wellness care plans will include those procedures. This will significantly reduce the risk of mammary cancer. In addition, it will completely eliminate the risk of uterine infection and testicular cancer. Usually, it is best to have these procedures completed when the dog is 4 to 6 months old.


Additionally, it is important that your pet receives routine diagnostic checkups. Typically, this will involve fecal tests, urinalysis, or heartworm checks. These are completed to ensure that no serious medical issues are present.

What Can a Pet Wellness Plan Include?

It is important to note that there is a difference between pet wellness plans and pet insurance. Pet insurance covers unanticipated events like accidents or disease, as well as vet visits and appointments. 

Pet wellness, though, covers a variety of health and wellness benefits for your canine. Luckily, a pet wellness plan can be completely personalized to your animal, family, and lifestyle. So, when creating a customized pet wellness plan, consider factors such as:

  • Implementing a solid routine
  • Feeding your pet fresh, wholesome meals
  • Incorporating daily exercise and long walks
  • Showing your dog care, love, and attention
  • Including daily enrichment activities
  • Socializing them with local dogs
  • And more.

What Get Joy Can Do for You and Your Pets

Get Joy can be quite helpful for both you and your pet. To start, we can offer qualified advice on meal planning and wellness. In fact, our site features guidelines on fresh meals and fresh freeze-dried meal portion sizes. You can easily discover how much your dog should be eating based on their weight.

Furthermore, through our free virtual consultation, we can craft a meal plan specifically designed for your dog’s needs. Lastly, your beloved pet will be happy because they will receive proper nutrients, positively affecting their mood and energy.