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Why Organ Meat is an Important Superfood for Dogs

Each superfood you add to your dog’s bowl provides a wealth of nutritious benefits and can improve their quality of life on many levels. 

One superfood that doesn’t get enough credit is organ meat. If you’ve been thinking about adding this lean protein source to your dog’s diet, we’re here to educate you on the many benefits of doing so. 

How Organ Meat Superfoods Benefit Dogs

Dogs require nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from various sources, including meat and plants. Organ meat is highly nutrient-dense and is a great addition to a balanced diet! 

So, what is organ meat exactly? It’s all the edible parts of animal organs, including the heart, liver, kidney, brain, lungs, and gizzards. 

As a superior source of lean protein, organ meat offers a robust supply of vitamins and minerals that help dogs stay strong and healthy. Organ meat strengthens their muscles, and heart, and promotes a healthy, shiny coat. It also supports your dog’s eyesight, bone strength, and more. 

Are there any risks when feeding a dog organ meat? The risks are minimal, but consult your veterinarian before adding any new protein sources to your dog’s diet. This will ensure they will still receive the nutrients and vitamins they need to thrive and stay healthy. 

Incorporating Organ Meat Superfoods for Dogs 

We know the rich benefits of superfoods for dogs and organ meat is a top contender. When feeding your dog any type of organ meat, keep the following in mind. 

  • Use Sporadically. Some beef organ meat is high in fat, so it should be fed sparingly to ensure you aren’t overdoing it. 
  • Use as a Training Reward. Try feeding your dog organ meat bites as a treat while training or as a meal topper. 
  • Try Freeze Dried Varieties. When consumed raw, organ meat may contain dangerous bacteria that can make your dog sick. Instead, try freeze-dried organ meat that is safe to consume, easy to store, and provides a delicious flavor. 

Add Lean Protein to Your Dog’s Diet with Organ Meat from Get Joy

Looking to add organ meat to your dog’s diet? Get Joy’s Superfood Beef Organ Treats are delicious, packed with essential vitamins, and are grain-free and gluten-free. Even the pickiest dogs love the tasty flavor and pet parents are thrilled by the health benefits of each bite-sized treat.

"As a dog owner who prioritizes my dog's health, I appreciate that these treats are packed with essential nutrients. They include superfoods that promote overall wellness and help keep Louuie energetic and happy." - Sara C.

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