A woman sits with her dog and holds Get Joy treats, demonstrating a post-grooming experience.

5 Grooming Essentials for February

Regular grooming is an essential part of your dog’s health and wellness. It prevents shedding, helps maintain a healthy coat, eliminates pests in the skin, and can even detect skin conditions before they become serious.

Wondering if your grooming approach should change in the winter? The answer is yes! 

When it’s cold outside, a dog’s coat, skin, and paws may require special attention to keep them warm and comfortable. Here are five grooming essentials to keep in mind this month. 

Winter Dog Grooming Tips

When temperatures drop and the days get shorter, there are a few adjustments you’ll need to make to your grooming routine to keep your dog comfortable. Let’s explore those tips here.

Don’t Neglect the Paws

Paw care is essential this time of year! When playing outdoors or on a walk, salt and sand can get caught in your dog’s paws, irritating their skin. Washing their paws in warm water after time outdoors is the best way to prevent any type of skin irritation. You can also try a pair of outdoor dog booties to protect their paws.

Keep the Nails Trimmed

Your canine’s nails may grow longer in the winter because they’re going on fewer walks and spending less time outdoors. Daily walks help to keep a dog’s nails short, but when you aren’t able to get outside as much for regular exercise, the nails will stay longer and become brittle. 

Trimming the nails regularly will help to avoid breakage and painful infections and even affect the way they walk.

Maintain a Fluffy Coat

For long-haired dogs, maintaining the fluffy coat is essential to ensuring they stay warm in the wintertime. They have long coats for a reason! Keeping their fur long doesn’t mean you should skip cuts and trims; just avoid cutting it too short. Whenever you head outside, make sure they have a cozy dog coat to keep them warm.

Be sure you or the groomer trim your dog’s inner coat, which provides adequate insulation in the cold, to keep the fur at a healthy length. Invest in a quality brush to prevent excess shedding and keep their coat healthy all winter long. 

Consistently Condition

Just like in your own hair, moisture is hard to come by when the air is dry in the wintertime. Conditioning your dog’s fur helps to combat itchy skin and dandruff, which are more common in the colder months. Try to condition your dog’s mane every time you bathe them to keep moisture locked in and maintain a fluffy and shiny coat

Tend to the Nose

Dry skin is a common symptom of cold weather, and even your dog’s nose may appear dry and cracked during this time of year. Find a nose balm you can apply to this sensitive area to maintain their sense of smell while keeping them comfortable. 

Just as you may add immune-boosting foods to your dog’s diet in the winter, paying special attention to the nose will ensure it stays moist. 

How to Find a Reliable Dog Groomer

If winter grooming isn’t your forte, try a Google search like “dog grooming near me” to find a grooming professional who can tend to your dog’s specific needs. You can also find a groomer by:

  • Asking your veterinarian for recommendations 
  • Getting referrals from trusted dog owners 
  • Searching sites like Yelp or Pet Groomer Finder

Maintain Your Dog’s Healthy Habits All Winter Long 

Here at Get Joy, we help give your furry friend the most comfortable, healthy life possible. If you’re looking for advice on grooming, schedule an appointment with our TeleVet health services. While you’re at it, grab some of our nutritious, top-of-the-line treats and meals to boost your dog’s health and wellness. Get started today!