A graphic showing a bowl of Get Joy dog food with the Forbes logo underneath. The Forbes article highlighted Get Joy as a forerunner in Pet Health and Wellness.

Ushering in a New Age of Pet Health and Wellness, says Forbes

Presently, the wellness industry is booming, with trends in gut health, sleep hygiene, and nutrition at the forefront. But the wellness industry isn’t just for humans. If you’re a pet owner, you know that our furry friends are part of the family. Focusing on pet health is the new wellness frontier – and you don’t want to miss this movement. 

At any rate, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about the new age of pet health. Let’s get into it!

The New Age of Pet Wellness

Basically, the new era of pet wellness is a shift that includes the humanization of pets. As humans, we’re starting to understand the importance of treating our pets with respect and care. We’re a culture focused on gut health, mental health, anti-aging tactics, and more. Now, we can bring these trends to our pets.

Our pets deserve a joyful home with high-quality, nutritious food. Here at Get Joy, we’ve pioneered better-for-you food and 24/7 televet services. (If you don’t believe us, take it from Forbes!) Here are two of our top pet health priorities: 

Promoting an Active Lifestyle

Of course, our furry companions deserve to live a joyful and active lifestyle alongside us. Ultimately, a more active lifestyle elongates the longevity of your dog’s health. So the next time you’re heading to your farmer’s market, bring your pup along!

Shifting the Nutritional Paradigm

Here’s the thing: nutrition is one of the only pet health variables we can control. And nourishing our pets’ gut health is just as important as nurturing our own. Above all, we emphasize fresh, wholesome food made with love.

Disruptive Healthcare Models

High vet bills have long been the bane of pet owners everywhere, and pet owners spent more than $32 billion annually on vet care and product sales in 2022. That is why we created Get Joy Health - free 24/7 access to on-demand televet services. Now more than ever it’s important to offer unique products or services that work to add true value and solve real-life problems for consumers. The growing pet market, from food to health to wellness, has made it clear that consumers now demand the same for their pets as they would for themselves or other family members. You can count on Get Joy to be there to take care of your dogs health, nutrition and wellness needs. 

Prioritizing Our Pets Health

The wellness industry has seen significant evolutions over the last few years, which include pet wellness. Our food is some of the best in the industry, prioritizing our pets health overall. It’s nutrient dense and cooked fresh daily. 

Incorporating high protein, freeze-dried treats are a great way to enhance dogs’ organs. Some of our favorite treats include:

  • Beef Liver, to help with tendons and ligament strength, jaundice, and emotional stress
  • Beef Heart, to assist with endurance, cardiac issues, and behavioral issues
  • Beef Kidney, to aid in flexibility, urinary incontinence, arthritis, and hearing loss

Ready to Prioritize Pet Wellness Care?

Our devoted, furry companions deserve to live the best possible life they can. If you’re ready to transform how you view pet nutrition, look no further.

Here at Get Joy, we create fresh, healthy, nutrient-dense products for the digestive wellness of your pooch. As we’ve seen, this alters your dog's overall health and wellness. Our products are accessible, with natural, real ingredients. 

If you have questions, get started by asking one of our experts in dog wellness. And if you’re ready to invest in the health and wellness of your pet, get started today!

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