A husky dog sits on a rock outside in nature next to a bag of Get Joy dog treats.

Winter Safety Tips for Dogs

As colder weather approaches, we want to make sure that our companions are prepared for the winter season. Like humans, dogs may have difficulty regulating their body temperature in response to changes in weather. Luckily, we have some safety tips to keep in mind to properly care for your dog this winter. Let’s dive in! 

Prioritizing Dog Safety in Cold Weather 

Cold weather can threaten dogs’ overall health and well-being, such as worsening medical conditions, hypothermia, frostbite, and other hazards. You can prevent the risk of severe winter weather by prioritizing cold weather safety. Get Joy offers these simple measures to best prepare your dog for the winter season. 

  • In extreme cold weather, minimize your dog’s outdoor time to prevent frostbite. While some dogs, such as heavy-coated northern breeds, thrive in colder weather, others can be sensitive to cold. 
  • Monitor your dog’s health closely during the winter months. Cold weather can exacerbate your dog’s medical conditions. To help prevent your dog from getting sick, be alert to any changes in their health. Remember to consult your veterinarian or reach out to Get Joy Health for any concerns.  
  • Protect your dog’s paws from salt, ice, or chemicals. You can do this by checking their paws and washing and drying off your dog’s paws when returning home from outdoors. Consider dog boots or paw protectors to prevent any injuries. 
  • Don’t forget to bundle up your dog! Consider keeping your dog warm with an appropriate winter wardrobe. If your dog has short fur, try out a sweater or coat when taking them outdoors
  • Provide a warm and cozy shelter for your dog to sleep during the winter. Moreover, keep your dog’s bed warm with blankets, high-quality bedding material, or a heated pet mat. 

Other Dog Safety Tips to Consider

Many factors will keep your dog healthy, happy, and warm during the colder months. Here are additional winter weather safety tips to consider for your canine companion. 

  • Preventative care. Has your dog had a preventative care exam? You can schedule a convenient, easy-to-access vet visit from the comfort of your home. Get your questions answered on any specific health concern, vaccines, and other winter care tips. Get Joy Health offers 24/7 access to a live vet expert to ensure that your dog is as healthy as possible for the winter. 
  • Maintain your pet’s nutrition. Colder weather may demand extra calories and therefore change your dog’s energy needs. You can maintain their nutritional needs with natural, fresh, and high-quality meals. Ensuring that your dog receives a balanced diet will help them maintain good health through the winter. 

Winter Safety Tips 

All in all, you can help protect your pet baby this winter by remaining vigilant and paying close attention to your dog. Remember that each dog is unique and may have different needs and tolerance to cold weather. 

However, with the right tools and information, your dog can be prepared for the winter months ahead. 

A Healthy Winter with Get Joy 

Winter doesn’t mean you must keep your dog holed up indoors. You can keep your dog safe and healthy during the long winter months with the support of Get Joy. Get Joy is here for you for all things dog health and wellness. Whether you are looking for fresh meals, chews, or virtual vet services, we’ve got you covered!

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