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How Much Fiber Do Dogs Need?

Dietary fiber plays an important role in dog digestion and gut health, but how much fiber do dogs need? Your dog can’t exactly tell you if they have a stomach ache. It can be hard to tell if they are getting enough fiber. Most canine foods are made with fiber included, but not all of them have enough to fit your dog’s needs. Let’s take a look at how much they need and some great sources of fiber for your pup. 

Dietary Fiber for Dogs

How much fiber your pooch needs depends on their size and diet. In general, a healthy diet with no special needs should be anywhere between 2%-4% of dietary fiber. Dogs who struggle with digestive issues could need anywhere up to 10% fiber in their diets. 

It can be hard to decipher the nutrition labels on dog food bags. When in doubt, always speak to a vet about your pet’s diet and nutrition. A professional can help you check the consistency of your dog’s poop to determine whether or not to add fiber to their diet. 

Fiber Supplements for Dogs

While most dogs can get enough fiber naturally, dogs with specific health needs might benefit from fiber supplements. Fiber can aid with managing health issues such as diarrhea, anal gland disease, diabetes, and weight issues. Large dogs are more likely to have problems than small breeds. More often than not, large dogs need supplements to help balance their gut. 

If you are going to buy a fiber supplement for your pet, look for a brand that has conducted clinical studies. Their confirmed expertise combined with scientific backing is a great way to know you are giving your dog a good product. When in doubt, ask your vet. 

High-Fiber Foods for Dogs

Sometimes you just need to boost your dog’s fiber intake without adding extra supplements to their diet. There are a few natural high-fiber foods to consider adding to their daily or weekly intake. 

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